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Beta Spuds

Delicious and nutritious potato recipes
with Chef Sophie Budd.

Let Sophie Budd show you a variety of ways to cook nutritious and tasty potato dishes

Create a Beta Mash

with creamy Cashmere Gold

Create a Beta Potato Tortilla

with Maranca

Create a Beta Gnocchi

with Royal Blue

Create a Beta Low-Carb Potato Salad

with Spudlite

Create a Beta Potato Crisps

with Malin

Create a Beta Baked Spuds

with Rodeo

A Beta Potato Risotto
with Royal Blue

Beta Potato & Brown Rice Fritters
with Rodeo

A Beta Mushroom &
3 Cheese Tart

with Rodeo

A Beta Potato & Bacon Dip
with Cream

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