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Nothing to be guilty about when enjoying this pleasure.

Potatoes have more nutrients, vitamins and minerals than many superfoods.

Researchers have said that people are wrong to shun the spud in favour of modern and more expensive alternatives. Here are a few surprising facts about the potato that will likely change your perception about the good you are doing for yourself and your family when feeding them Beta Spuds potatoes.

They may be humble but they’re also mighty healthy!

Let’s talk about carbs. 

We need to have some carbs each day for energy but like most things, they should be taken in moderation. The good news is that fresh Beta Spuds potatoes contain around 50% of the carbs of rice and about 25% less than pasta. Interestingly they also contain about 50% less carbs than sweet potato. And some Beta Spuds varieties like Spudlite, have another 25% less than even other potatoes.

*Based on 2018 laboratory testing by DTS Food Assurance.

Virtually fat and guilt free. 

Beta Spuds potatoes are virtually fat free with a very low amount of calories/kilojoules per gram. Most Beta Spuds varieties have around 0.1g/100g of fat. Surprisingly, a sweet potato has 7 times more fat compared to Beta Spuds.

*Based on 2017 laboratory testing by DTS Food Assurance.

So much 
Vitamin C.

We all know that Vitamin C is important but what you may not know is that our bodies don’t store it and so we need a regular intake. Beta Spuds potatoes are an excellent way to get a good, regular, dose of Vitamin C, with loads more than oranges and avocados.

Big on 

Potassium is an essential mineral stored in our cells. It helps build muscle, regulates blood pressure and helps our heart and kidneys to function properly. Beta Spuds potatoes have around 80% more potassium than bananas, and a lot more fibre than a banana too!

According to the Potato Growers Association of WA. See  fact 13.

In fact a banana provides about 10% of the recommended daily intake of potassium (according to the Australian Bananas website), while a baked potato provides about 20% of the daily intake (according to the myfooddata website).

And so much more… 

From iron for the transportation of oxygen around the body, to folate for healthy red blood cells, to B-Group vitamins for strengthening our muscles, joints and ligaments plus nutrient absorption and anti-swelling, 

Beta Spuds potatoes are a super food in more ways than one!

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