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Paddock to plate in less than 12 hours


Our Farms

WA grown quality!

Everything we do is based on the core objectives of providing our clients with the best quality potatoes.

We have invested greatly in farming our own produce in Binningup with over 450 acres of irrigated land on a 750 acre property. This provides a good rotation of growing that enables us to produce approximately 4,500 tonnes of potatoes (June to December).

We also have numerous farms located in Pemberton, producing approximately 6,000 tonnes of potatoes (January to June). In addition to our own farms, we coordinate planting and harvesting with other WA growers located in Baldivis, Busselton and Gingin to guarantee a year-round supply of produce.

Potato Harvesting
Picked when fresh!

We only harvest our potatoes when they are at their freshest.


We work with our growers in the northern and southern areas of WA to make sure our clients can have a year round supply of our potato varieties where possible.

We never ground store our potatoes.


Our Factory

State of the art technology!

Beta Spuds is one of only a few potato processors in WA who manage every aspect of potato production.

Our purpose-built processing factory in Mandogalup, WA, covers 5,500 square metres of factory floor space. Our processing equipment includes ultra-modern washing facilities, grader and sizer.

4 stage washing!

Beta Spuds is the first to use the potato processor in Western Australia to have a 4-stage washing process.


  1. Soak tank to loosen the soil

  2. Barrel wash

  3. Dual veggie-polishers with variable brushing technology

  4. Final rinse through the super washer.

A sponge-drying process is also an integral part of the process for all Beta Spuds washed potatoes.

Washing potatoes
Potato hydro cooler
Cool potatoes!

All of our potatoes are placed in our leading-edge technology Hydro Cooler. This amazing machine reduces the pulp temperature of the potatoes to 8˚C, locking in the freshness for longer.

Grade & Sort
Boutique to gourmet to premium!

Our potatoes go through a precision grader and sizer where each individual potato is photographed and weighed to ensure that every one meets our stringent quality criteria.

Potato grader and sorter
Group packaging for Beta Spuds potatoes
Improving longevity and quality!

We are able to provide a diverse range of packaging to suit all of our customer’s needs.

We also adopted the lighter 16kg bags for our loose potatoes, which resulted in health and safety improvements for both our retailers and their customers.


Our Fleet

Distribution for our consumers!

Beta Spuds distribution fleet delivers the best quality potatoes to our clients ready for the consumer.

Since being lifted from the ground, to delivery into the store, our potatoes have been out of the ground for less than 12 hours.

You can't beat freshness like that!



Our Clients

Beta Spuds In-store!
Our major clients include:
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